Running a business has a lot of moving parts that keep it running smoothly. These parts include inventory, equipment, employees, etc. All these parts need to be functioning. If there are any problems with these gears, the whole machine could come crashing down. No business owner wants this. This is why commercial insurance is so important. 

What Is Commerical Insurance?

Commercial insurance, also commonly referred to as business insurance, protects a business from costly risks. There are different options business owners can purchase when it comes to their coverage. Commercial insurance is there to provide compensation for financial loss arising from a variety of situations. Typically, commercial insurance protects a business from these risks: 

  • Property damage and theft 
  • Customer or employee injury 
  • Unexpected events 
  • Client lawsuits 

What To Expect From a Policy? 

Since every business has different needs commercial insurance is going to vary for each business owner. Each of these policies covers a specific risk that any business could face. Here are the three most common insurance policies you’ll come across:

  • Property Insurance – This protects your company’s equipment and inventory that is housed on the property.
  • Liability Insurance – This protects the company if a customer or visitor gets injured while on the property. On top of this, this also protects the company’s reputation in the case of copyright infringement or any cases of libel or slander. 
  • Workers Compensation – This covers the medical expenses if any employees suffer an injury. 

Where Can I Buy Commerical Insurance?

Finding the right commercial insurance doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it’s quite simple! SteelKey Insurance LLC is the place to be when it comes to all your insurance needs. Our team of seasoned professionals understands the constantly changing needs of businesses. It’s why we take great care with every business owner and understand the situations they face. This allows us to make the best recommendations when it comes to finding you the right commercial coverage. Our trusted agents advise you so that you fully understand your policy options and what coverage is possible. 

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