Condos are homes too, protect them like one.

When thinking of condos, most people feel

that they fall in between a house and an

apartment. Thus, condo insurance differs

from traditional home insurance and renters

policies. SteelKey Insurance LLC helps you

work through the condo confusion to find you

the right policy.


Considering Condo Insurance

Condos associations will secure a master policy. This translates to the protection of the physical building, structure on the grounds, common areas, and any furniture on the grounds. This type of coverage can vary from association to association. Typically, condo associations carry two types of policies: ”walls in” and “walls out”.

Walls In and Walls Out Policies


Walls In Policy

Also called Single Entity Coverage or Studs Coverage, walls in policies cover a condo building from the exterior framing to the walls in the home. Typically, this is bought by the condo association.


Walls Out Policy

Walls out policy generally will cover damage that is done to the exterior walls, roofs, and other property constrained inside the exterior walls. This, however, does not cover anything inside the unit

Find Out More About Quality Condo Insurance Coverage

Every condo is going to be different. It’s imperative that you find the right coverage for your situation. Discover your

condo’s master policy and then visit the true insurance professionals. Don’t wait until disaster strikes, come with our

agents for the right plan today!