Growing businesses need strong protection

that only commercial insurance can provide.

Focus on running your business knowing your

building, inventory, and equipment are all

secured. Commercial insurance focuses on

liability, workers compensation, and property

insurance policies. SteelKey Insurance LLC

works alongside business owners to get

them the right coverage.


Grow Your Business While Keeping It Safe

At SteelKey Insurance LLC, our team understands the changing needs of companies. We take time with every business owner to understand the challenges they face. This allows us to make the best recommendations regarding the best coverage to protect your growing business. Our trusted agents can advise you so that you fully understand your policy options and what they cover.

What To Expect With A Policy


Property Insurance

Protects your company’s equipment and inventory that is housed on the property.


Liability Insurance

Protects the company should a visitor receive an injury. Additional protection is given in the case of copyright infringement or any cases of libel/slander. 


Workers' Compensation

Covers the medical expense of injured employees that happen on the property. 

 Corporate auto policies and professional medical or legal policies are also available.