Home is where your heart is. It’s where your family and beloved possessions live. A house is a safe space where you make memories and relax. Our homes are very important to us. We fill them with mementos, pictures, and occasionally some questionable design choices. The big picture is that our homes matter. They are one of the biggest investments we make in our lifetimes. This means the right protection is needed for this significant investment. You need a great home insurance policy. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Homes insurance is there to protect your house if anything should happen. As we know, life is unpredictable. Accidents happen to all of us. However, these accidents should not bring about financial burdens on top of the hardships of something happening to your home. Here’s what home insurance typically covers 

  • Structure of The Home: covers the cost of repairs when it comes to rebuilding a home due to destruction or damage done by a fire, hurricane, hail, lightning, or other disasters (dependent on the policy). 
  • Coverage of Personal Belongings: Furniture, clothes, electronics, and other personal items are covered if they are damaged or stolen due to a fire, hurricane, and other insured disasters. 
  • Liability Protection: covers you against lawsuits, injuries, or property damage that you, family members, or pets cause to other people. 

Why I Should Have Home Insurance? 

Most mortgage lenders often require insurance on houses. This is similar to how banks require automobiles bought on a loan to be protected with car insurance. Mortgage lenders want to make sure their clients are protected in the case of an emergency.  A person who chooses to forgo home insurance might get hit with heavy repair fees in the event of an accident. This could result in trouble paying the mortgage on the home. Overall, this isn’t a good situation for the lenders or the people living in the house. So, it makes sense why many lenders require home insurance.

It’s important to note having home insurance plays a more significant role than pleasing mortgage lenders.  Sometimes neighbors cause accidents that end up affecting your home. These things are out of your control. For example, a neighbor’s grease fire could spread onto your property. An unfortunate case that can prove to be quite disastrous. Home insurance keeps you secured in incidents like this. 

Where Can I Find Home Insurance? 

Finding the best home insurance policy is easy when you come to Steel Key Insurance LLC. Our professional agents work with you, finding out your needs to bring you the best coverage. Got questions about your policy? No problem! We’re here to serve as your guides too! We make sure you understand all there is to know about your policy. Getting a quote is as easy as calling us today! 

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