Documents to have in your car at all times


Oftentimes people are unprepared for getting pulled over. It’s unexpected, flustering, and can be scary.  You never know what the officer is going to ask for or how they’re going to respond. 


When you do get pulled over try to remain calm and answer all questions in a clear and concise manner. They’re going to ask you about certain documents you should have in your car at all times. Below we’ll go over those documents.


Vehicle Registration

You should have your vehicle registered at your local agency when you first acquired it. Vehicle registration shows that you can be legally driving it. A vehicle that is not registered should no be driven, period.


Proof of Insurance

This should be in your car at all times. Officers are always going to ask for this because it is illegal in all 50 states to drive on the roadways without insurance. Make sure you have this printed out and in your glove box. Many insurance companies also have their own apps that allow you to store it on your phone. This makes it easier to bring up and not lose track out.



You should carry your license on you at all times, especially when driving a vehicle. First because to prove that you are allowed to drive, and second because without your license you’re going to have to prove to the officer that you are who you say you are.


If you carry these three items on you every time you drive a vehicle you are good to go and should be out of that traffic stop in no time! Stay safe out there!