Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options Explained


We all need insurance. Sometimes you’re not required to have it and sometimes you are. When you purchase a motorcycle most states require you to have it. Below we’ll go over the different types of insurance you may find yourself browsing for your new motorcycle.


Collision insurance

Pays out for damage to your motorcycle, minus your deductible amount.



Pays out if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged by something other than a collision with another vehicle. Animal collisions are covered.


Medical Payments

Not available in all states, medical payments coverage pays for medical bills if you and your passenger are injured in an accident.


Personal Injury Protection

Generally pays out for medical bills for injuries you, your passenger, or pedestrians suffer in an accident regardless of who’s at fault. (Rules vary by state.)


Trip Interruption Coverage

Pays out for lodging, transportation, and food if your bike is disabled in a collision far from home.


Coverage for custom parts

In most states, insurers include some custom parts and accessories coverage with comprehensive and collision insurance.


Roadside Assistance

Includes towing and labor at the site of your bike’s breakdown.


If you have any questions regarding any of these different types of insurance make sure to give us a call!